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The UK Section
        Performance at Triyoga Camden January 7   
        The Occasional Company Class London     
The USA and MEXICO Section
        Mexico City
The EUROPE Section
        Hamburg in February
        Zaragoza in April
        Biarritz in May
The ASIA Section
        KL, HK, Singapore, Shanghai
        Workshops galore


Nikki Durrant in FUELLED BY BREATH
Photo: Eric Richmond

There’s a lot cooking over the next few months – indeed, quite a lot on the boil…moving from the frying pan into the platitude. 



No need to let up on your festive season!  Tripsichore is the answer to your dilemma for what to do on the first Saturday night of the new year.  We present a performance of The Galapagos Of Yoga at Triyoga Camden at 7:30 pm.  Spectacular asanas, comedy and big questions (and altogether dubious answers) are all on the bill.  


When we're in town, we have what’s laughingly known as Company Class every week day at the eccentric hours of our choosing (11:00 AM at this writing) at 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10. It’s pretty darned advanced, but if you fancy coming along, you just do that. What’s more, it’s free. Yup, the only thing we charge for is when someone learns to do a back kickover from the wheel (Price: one good bottle of champagne…and if it’s any encouragement, I want you to know my fridge is full of ‘em). If you do want to come, it’s a good idea to give a call a day or so beforehand to make sure we haven’t changed the time – we’re a bit ad hoc in that too. The number is 0208 459-2416.

May 26 – 28  Exeter 

Something in the UK !!!…and what a delightful something it is.  Chris Croft has a formidable practice and has opened an anything but formidable yoga space in Exeter – The Ashtanga Yoga Workshop. It’s a great looking space and a comfortable place to do yoga.  People in the know want this place to succeed because Chris is doing it right.  Master Class on Friday evening and two sessions on each on Saturday and Sunday.


The winter/spring line-up for Tripsichore’s world domination is chock-a-block with far flung activities.


January 20 – 22  Mexico City

Blanco Yoga is just one great little yoga studio.  It’s the kind of place I always like to come to because the space is inviting – you sense real work takes place here.  It is also in a cool neighbourhood with some cool yogis running the place and attending the classes.  It is ambitious in all the right ways.  The workshop will consist of 6 sessions that look at the subtle logic of how Tripsichore’s vinyasa technique is constructed in a class.


January 23 – 25  Mexico City

The travelling Tripsichore roadshow moves over to Centro Kiai Bosques for 3 further days in Mexico DF.  This is another very cool space run very efficiently (with a martial arts flavour somewhere in its mix – perhaps that is why it’s efficient.  Ponder this).  The 3 morning sessions are for those who want to do a bit of ambitious work (These are always good -- I’m frightening myself) and the evenings are going to be more in the line of Introduction To Tripsichore (which, deep down, I wish everyone would take so that they had a better foundation in technique for the so-called “advanced” work.  Just so you know…so much time is wasted un-teaching “advanced” practitioners…”Gee, I wonder why my wrists hurt…)


January 27 – 29  Guadalajara

You probably know this already, but Guadalajara is really worth a visit…not just for reasons to do with the blue agave plant (it is what tequila is made from in case I’m getting excessively obscure).  There is going to be a 3 day Tripsichore workshop here.  The best part of this is that the uber- brilliant yogi Sergio Ruiz will be with me handling the translations.  I’m not kidding…we are the best in bilingual comedy-philosophy team out there.  If you are fluent in Spanish, you will be mightily impressed by how Sr. Ruiz takes what I say and riffs on it.  Seriously funny and profound.  Para mayores informes contactar al teléfono celular 333 4613803 con Sergio Ruíz Y al 331 6597392 con Jorge García


February 3 – 5  Merida

Merida is over towards Yucutan and if you fancy stopping by to Cancun for a bit of recreation, it isn’t too far away…and if you are more culturally inclined, know that Chichen itza is not too far either.  But, you’ll probably want to do that after February 5 because before you’ll be preparing for the Master Class on February 3 and the weekend of workshops on the 4th and 5th at EO Yoga And Pilates. It is quite an ambitious programme on offer dealing with the breath and how exactly it is used to gain mastery of challenging asana.


February 10 – 12  Mexico City

And after crisscrossing the country we are back in Mexico City.  This time we are at Mind-Kaya Yoga And Pilates.  Master Class on the evening of February 10 and workshops on February 11 and 12.  The write up for it says “Tripsichore Vinyasa Yoga is both challenging and fun.  It encourages the student to explore the furthest range of their physical potential while providing the technical approaches that ensure safety.”  Hear Hear!




 February 17 - 19, 2017  Hamburg

It might be chilly wherever you are reading this, but there’ll be a hot time in Hamburg. 


April 21 – 24 and April 28 – May 1  Zaragoza

This intensive workshop takes place over 4 days. The participants will have the opportunity to explore yoga as an expressive vehicle, transforming the sequences that make up the Tripsichore repertoire into dance choreographies.


May 19 – 21  Biarritz

Spring in France…you know you want to be here.  Bloom Yoga is going to be bloomin’ lovely this spring…because Tripsichore is visiting for the first time.  We’re really looking forward to this…the theme is about the strategies one can use to advance your practice.  For those of you who say we never do anything in Europe anymore…


Splendid times, splendid food and splendid yoga...don't you wish you were here?  You can be.  Don't be such a stick in the mud.  Throw away your precious life wherever you are (come on, you've read about non-attachment) and run away to join the Tripsichore circus.

March 17 – 19  Singapore

Pure Yoga is something of a powerhouse in the Asia yoga scene, so it is nice to be returning to Singapore after a few years break under their auspices.  These workshops are about the subtle pleasures of yoga (found during extraordinary inversions, back bends, etc.).


March 24 – 26  Shanghai

Still under the auspices of the estimable Pure Yoga, we now embark upon the cosmopolis that is Shanghai.  And here, we are looking at Pranayama In Vinyasa.


April 5 – 9  Kuala Lumpur

At time of writing (many months prior), this looks to be the most interesting workshop of the year (tough luck for everything from May to December).  We intend this to be a workshop that addresses the lack of imagination in the social media presentations of yoga.  Too much ego polishing in handstand exhibition and asana performed (dig that juxta-"position") in unlikely locations with no expressive reason attributed.  So, we are going to spend the mornings working on fluency in technique and the afternoons creating material that might adapt well (we have high, high hopes) to social media…and which will have something to SAY.  Info: Kevin Chai at 017-3635852


April 12 – 17  Hong Kong

As in KL above, here in HK we are doing something that takes the technique we work on in the morning and make it into something creatively articulate in the afternoon.   This will be a true Tripsichore experience.  This is what we use yoga for…to make artistic statements.  




The End...for now