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Photo: JPH Woodland

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Photo: JPH Woodland

There’s a lot cooking over the next few months – indeed, quite a lot on the boil…moving from the frying pan into the platitude. 


CREATORS COURSE  November 26 - 30

The late breaking, but rather exciting news is that there will be our first ever Creators Course on November 26 - 30.  This five day course is dedicated to the practical exploration of how to use refined yoga technique to create short yoga theatre pieces.  There will be plenty of work on technique (of course), but the aim of this course is to discover more about the expressive possibilities of yoga and its place in the philosophy of aesthetics...oh, and getting a better overall practice...(see the Intensive Courses page on this web site).


When we're in town, we have what’s laughingly known as Company Class every week day at the eccentric hours of our choosing (11:00 AM at this writing) at 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10. It’s pretty darned advanced, but if you fancy coming along, you just do that. What’s more, it’s free. Yup, the only thing we charge for is when someone learns to do a back kickover from the wheel (Price: one good bottle of champagne…and if it’s any encouragement, I want you to know my fridge is full of ‘em). If you do want to come, it’s a good idea to give a call a day or so beforehand to make sure we haven’t changed the time – we’re a bit ad hoc in that too. The number is 0208 459-2416.

November 16 - 17   Isle Of Man

Fancy a weekend getaway?  How’s about a jaunt over to the Isle Of Man?  The rather salubrious venue is Karma Yoga in the heart of Douglas is just the spot to hunker down for some interesting yoga.


** July 22 - August 16, 2019  LONDON INTENSIVE COURSE**
Just can't mention this often enough.  This is one you have to do.


August 29 - September 2       Monterrey, Mexico 

Monterrey is, curiously, not as well known in yoga circles as it deserves to be -- not only is it home to the yearly Congreso (one of the very best yoga conferences in the world and we've seen enough to know), it also has a host of really top notch practitioners and studios.  Tripsichore is thrilled ot present a 5 day Intensiv ehere for those who really want to come to grips with understanding the Tripsichore technique.

  September 7 - 9   Mexico City

You've got to love Mind Kaya -- it's like going into a mysterious urban cave.  This 3 day event might sound a trifle mundane:  Philosophy, Yoga And Art, but it will be some rip snortin' fun as we, in a most practical way, look at the aesthetic side of yoga and how it might be more prominently brought to the fore in the vast aims of yoga.  Just to rant a little:  aren't you tired of hearing about safety and alignment?  This should surely go without saying; they are the means to achieving something greater; not the rationale.

September 14 - 16    Guadalajara

You can't beat the combination of good comedy and good technique that Edward Clark and Sergio Ruiz present.  There is nothing quite like this duo in the world of yoga.  Really...there's more depth and more laughs when these two get together than anywhere else in the whole world of yoga.



December 5 - 9   Zaragoza, Spain

Go Yoga is one of the few studios in the world that has the guts to flourish its affinity to the Tripsichore standard.  The work here leans strongly towards the creative (which is very much the Tripsichore ethos).


Splendid times, splendid food and splendid yoga...don't you wish you were here?  You can be.  Don't be such a stick in the mud.  Throw away your precious life wherever you are (come on, you've read about non-attachment) and run away to join the Tripsichore circus.

October 10 - 14  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I always thought that it was a good thing to have classes that were quite mixed in their levels…the so-called advanced people really improve their foundational technique for one thing.  However, this session is deliberately aimed at people who have “some” experience in Tripsichore…and that means that the yoga high jump bar will be set fairly high (but not unreasonably so)…faster paced…less time spent on the so-called basics…yet always with the eye, ear and other relevant senses attuned to what matters philosophically.  Contact Kevin Chai at  (Do you know how to pronounce raizen?)

October 19 - 21   Kuching, Malaysia

Oh, there's performances of the latest Tripsichore work (The Mysterious Case Of Yogi Suryananda And Mr. Knight as well as outdoor demonstrations of Tripsichore technique (all a part of the fabulous What About Kuching Festival) and a 3 day workshop at Padma Yoga.  What about Kuching?  Well, we love it. 


October 26 28    Bangkok 

Really a great studio...and it has been going for years.  The reason why?  Well, it is a beautiful space and it has dedicated itself to bringing intelligent yoga to its students.  Tripsichore is honoured to be back here for a 3 Day session of intelligent and diligent practice.


The End...for now