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Photo: JPH Woodland


There’s a lot cooking over the next few months – indeed, quite a lot on the boil…moving from the frying pan into the platitude. 


July 22 - August 16    London   TRIPSICHORE 4 Week INTENSIVE

THIS IS IT.  THE BIG ONE.  THE REAL THING.  Honest…no hyperbole.  The Tripsichore 4 Week Intensive is the course.  It is the most comprehensive look you can take at vinyasa yoga as Tripsichore conceives it.  If you are a teacher or a dedicated practitioner, this is the kind of sustained, in-depth course that will improve your practice and set a standard for what you can achieve.  It is challenging because it examines so-called advanced material, but also looks at the so-called basics in minute detail.  (see the Intensive Courses page on this web site).



When we're in town, we have what’s laughingly known as Company Class every week day at the eccentric hours of our choosing (11:00 AM at this writing) at 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10. It’s pretty darned advanced, but if you fancy coming along, you just do that. What’s more, it’s free. Yup, the only thing we charge for is when someone learns to do a back kickover from the wheel (Price: one good bottle of champagne…and if it’s any encouragement, I want you to know my fridge is full of ‘em). If you do want to come, it’s a good idea to give a call a day or so beforehand to make sure we haven’t changed the time – we’re a bit ad hoc in that too. The number is 0208 459-2416.


March 8 - 10   Torquay

Ah, the English Riviera – probably not the season for basking in the sun, but Torquay has much to recommend it:  some very good dining, splendid scenery, sea air and a Tripsichore workshop on this weekend.  Surely a jaunt to the seaside is just what you require!


  ** July 22 - August 16, 2019  LONDON INTENSIVE COURSE**

Just can't mention this often enough.  This is one you have to do.




February 18 - 22       Queretaro, Mexico 

Yes, yes, go to your atlas (if you still possess such a thing – what are you doing with all that shelf space since you went digital?) – Queretaro is a big city in Mexico and they are hosting a module of Tripsichore antics in the form of a Teacher Training.  Let’s be clear:  there are significant differences between TTs and workshops.  Teaching skills involve far more analysis and observation as well as the creative application of how those skills are employed to involve others in the exploration of yoga.  Workshops are more experiential.  So, this session is part of a bigger programme that will accredit aspiring teachers, but I reckon you might just want to do it even if you are already a yoga teacher.  If you are interesting in learning more about your craft – the meticulous attention to details as well as the creative and inspirational aspect of Tripsichore technique – then this is a week that should be in your diary.  And, what’s more, the trainees on this module will be invited to act as assistants (gosh, actually getting to work on “real” people and not just other trainees!) for the weekend workshop (see below)

February 23 – 24  Queretaro, Mexico

Queretaro – so good we had to do it twice in one month.  Oh yes, the aforementioned Tripsichorean antics are given a bit more range in a workshop.  Ever ambitious, a Tripsichore workshop provides the kind of information that gives the eager participants material and methodology for the next 12 – 18 months of study.  Of course, during the workshop you may accomplish some things you didn’t think you could do, but, more importantly, you’ll get a vista of what you might be able to do in the near future with a reasonable amount of application.



June 26 - 30     Biarritz, France (actually Bayonne, but Biarritz just sounds sooo glamorous)

Well, this 5 day Tripsichore extravaganza will definitely be “charmant”.  A session of this length means that so much sont accomplies.  (er, pardonez moi…francais…ce n’est pas ma langue…who’d have guessed?...besides anyone who has suffered my attempts to teach in French.)  This is an all too rare European opportunity to study Tripsichore in a thorough and concentrated fashion.  Not only that, but there are some fantastic restaurants to feed the exhausted body you’ll proudly possess at the end of the day.




Splendid times, splendid food and splendid yoga...don't you wish you were here?  You can be.  Don't be such a stick in the mud.  Throw away your precious life wherever you are (come on, you've read about non-attachment) and run away to join the Tripsichore circus.


April 3 – 7   Kuala Lumpur

This is going to be particularly special – a chance to perform with Tripsichore!  Not only will there be an intense 5 day workshop, but we’ll also be performing The Between Space and other works in KL.  And, some of the participants (oh, those lucky, lucky ones) will be a part of the show.  I’ve yammered on all over the world (deservedly) about how good the standard of yoga is in KL and now we’re going public with it.   Kevin Chai at

April 11 – 14   Hong Kong

Performance, workshop and Master Class…oh boy, it’s all happening in Hong Kong.  We’re going to be performing at Tai Kwun Centre For Heritage and Arts (very nice space).  Not only that, but we’re giving a three day workshop where we’ll run through the concepts and techniques of Tripsichore’s vinyasa yoga.  Undoubtedly, this means a serious look at inversions and back bends of one sort or another, but it is also about “why” these moves are done.  And, what is the difference between a Workshop and a Master Class?  Well, in other disciplines (like music or dance) a Master Class is the opportunity for students (and professionals) of a certain calibre to investigate material at a level of detail that is not possible in a forum that is for the general student public.  In yoga, I understand that people just expect a really tricky/tricksy class.  Hmm.  The Hong Kong Master Class will be a bit of both – detail and subtlety plus some interesting and challenging variations.  Cecilia Tsui at 

June 12 – 16   Bandung, Indonesia

Is there something in the air in Bandung?  In 2018, I had more laughs here than anywhere else on the globe…and not only laughs, but I also got to wrk with some fascinating minds and bodies.  Now, aficionados of yoga know that the rather extraordinary Yenny Christine runs this studio where this 5 day workshop takes place and might expect an emphasis on flexibility.  However, my experience last year showed that there was equally an appreciation of strength, discipline and, as previously mentioned, just good ol’ fun.  Yes – yoga can be fun.  Really, you should make time to check this out.

June 17 – 19  Bandung, Indonesia

This is a secret session…only the very nosey will know about it.

June 21 – 23   Kuching, Malaysia

Oh, how I love Kuching.  Doreen Ng teaches rigorously and very much in accord with Tripsichore principles.  Her students actually “get” breathing.  (I don’t want to go on and on about this, but really!  -- it amazes me that there are now 5 billion certified yoga teachers and barely any come close to examining the breath in all its glory and technical complexity in a physical class.)  Yes, for those of you who are anywhere near to Kuching this weekend, and who have a serious interest in yoga practice, this is a rare opportunity to hear and experience how yoga is practised.

The End...for now