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Photo: JPH Woodland

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The UK Section
        Performance & workshop at Triyoga August 18 - 19   
        The Occasional Company Class London     
The USA and MEXICO Section
        Mexico City
The EUROPE Section
        Zaragoza in December
The ASIA Section
        KL, HK, Medan, Bangkok, Kuching
        Workshops & performances galore      

Photo: JPH Woodland

There’s a lot cooking over the next few months – indeed, quite a lot on the boil…moving from the frying pan into the platitude. 



An all too rare excursion out in the home town.  Gosh, when was the last time Tripsichore taught anywhere in London outside of their own studio?  (A free class at that home studio if you get the right answer)  This class was going to be called “No, No…This Is What Vinyasa Really Is, but wiser minds prevailed and instead it is titled Radical, Yet Orthodox (which possibly amounts to the same thing).  Old timers might have an idea what a Tripsichore class is like (evidently not for the faint hearted), and this will be a session to delight those oldsters as well as being a brilliant introduction to just how amazingly different a vinyasa can be.


Okay, this is the really big news.  Tripsichore has a new show and August 19 will be the premiere.  It’s called THE BETWEEN SPACE.  Would you be at this web site if you didn’t know that Tripsichore’s raison d’etre (hey, we just did a session in France) was to devise and present what we call Yoga Theatre (that’s right – theatre – not Yoga Dance)?  Possibly you’ll think that sounds like performers sitting around on mats chanting Om or doing a yoga demonstration to music.  Oh, please.  THE BETWEEN SPACE is a narrative about an aged performer on his final tour.  Struggling with physical pain and doubts regarding the merit of his work, he tries to find a way through to reach across the space between performer and audience.


When we're in town, we have what’s laughingly known as Company Class every week day at the eccentric hours of our choosing (11:00 AM at this writing) at 41 Roundwood Road, London, NW10. It’s pretty darned advanced, but if you fancy coming along, you just do that. What’s more, it’s free. Yup, the only thing we charge for is when someone learns to do a back kickover from the wheel (Price: one good bottle of champagne…and if it’s any encouragement, I want you to know my fridge is full of ‘em). If you do want to come, it’s a good idea to give a call a day or so beforehand to make sure we haven’t changed the time – we’re a bit ad hoc in that too. The number is 0208 459-2416.

September 29 - October 1  Exeter 

Yet another of those all too rare opportunities to catch a Tripsichore workshop in the UK.  This time it is at the Ashtanga Yoga Workshop.  Now, this is a really great studio that features some of the finest teaching and teachers on the South Coast (well, anywhere else too).  Friday night is a Master Class.  I wonder what people expect in a Master Class.  I suspect people believe it will be a show-ey, extra hard class, but, in other disciplines, the term Master Class denotes an opportunity for those of a certain level to enter into a more informal dialogue with an acknowledged master of their craft.  Perhaps this class will feature both.  The weekend of workshops will cover an exciting (would anyone ever say it wasn’t so in their promo?) selection of various aspects of the Tripsichore technique.

The summer/fall line-up for Tripsichore’s world domination is chock-a-block with far flung activities.



August 31 – September 12       Monterrey, Mexico

This is a 2 Week Intensive.  This has got to be one of my favourite courses and that is because it is for people who really want to improve their practice and, as it suggests, it is intense.  Your practice will significantly improve on this course, but more importantly, you will get the information that will help you to continue improving long after.  Not only that, but this Intensive also examines what the philosophical side of a physical practice entails.  The thing about an Intensive is that it provides the level of instruction and practice that is not possible on a Teacher Training, a workshop or in regular classwork.  It demands a level of participation that shows how to develop a personal practice to the highest levels of your potential (and I feel safe in assuring you that most people are not rigorous in examining what their potential might be). 



November 3 – 5             Mexico City

Mind Kaya is a little gem – loads of integrity and high standards (no, they don’t always go together) and no nonsense.  I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of teaching here on a number of occasions and can’t wait to be here again.  Mi Espanol is at the level of a backward 2 year old’s, but with able physical demonstration and encouragement from the crowd, there’s plenty of laughs and some rather profound yoga.

November 17 - 19  Mexico City

Blanco Yoga is one of the best studios I know...there's a great range of classes and a fierce dedication seen amongst the staff.  It attracts people who are really "into" doing yoga.  And, like mostly fiercely dedicated yogis, they are actually a great deal of see, the truly serious don't have to advertise about it.  This workshop will have a look at some of the more "out there" Tripsichore material...asymmetric inversions...that sort of thing...and where they fit in the context of a class.  

November 24 – 26  Guadalajara

You probably know this already, but Guadalajara is really worth a visit…not just for reasons to do with the blue agave plant (it is what tequila is made from in case I’m getting excessively obscure).  There is going to be a 3 day Tripsichore workshop here.  The best part of this is that the uber- brilliant yogi Sergio Ruiz will be with me handling the translations.  I’m not kidding…we are the best in bilingual comedy-philosophy team out there.  If you are fluent in Spanish, you will be mightily impressed by how Sr. Ruiz takes what I say and riffs on it.  Seriously funny and profound.  Para mayores informes contactar al teléfono celular 333 4613803 con Sergio Ruíz Y al 331 6597392 con Jorge García 



December 5 - 9, 2017  Zaragoza, Spain
Go Yoga was the location of some of the best Tripsichore courses in good, that we’re coming back for a second blast at the end of ’17.  What made it so good?  Two 5 day sessions of intense creative work examining how to make really interesting short yoga video pieces (as well as some hard core technique).  Great camera angles and performers.  And this time, we’re upping the stakes by coming up with a live performance!


Splendid times, splendid food and splendid yoga...don't you wish you were here?  You can be.  Don't be such a stick in the mud.  Throw away your precious life wherever you are (come on, you've read about non-attachment) and run away to join the Tripsichore circus.

October 5 – 7  Bangkok  Asia Fitness Conference

Back to Bangkok.  Who can refuse a chance to alliterate?  “Tripsichore at a fitness convention?” I hear you sneer (and, if to sneer is your bliss, who am I to argue?).  You bet!  This was a Tripsichore highlight last year because it was just so darned good.  Great presenters and great organisation!  Thursday is one of those exceedingly rare occasions when I’ll do a day long session examining how to give adjustments and assists in a vinyasa context.  These are probably the most difficult hands on work in the yoga spectrum and require swift observation and analytic skills…as well as the ability to synchronise the teacher’s movement with the student.


October 11 – 15  Kuala Lumpur

For me, the people practising in KL are some of the best – you just don’t regularly encounter a group with this range of intelligence and ability.  Way back in April, we did something quite different – mornings were dedicated to continued work on the fluency of technique and the afternoons were about doing what Tripsichore is really for – the creation of art works.  In this case, we endeavoured to film short pieces with multiple camra and angles with an aim of seeing how the standard of yoga social media might be improved – improved by more thoughtful content that is more professionally conceived and rendered.  And this time around, we’ll go even further…Contact Kevin Chai at:

October 17 – 20  Bangkok

Yoga Elements is just an absolutely great studio.  It is with true pleasure Tripsichore returns here for a 4 day Intensive...a deep look at the finer points of Tripsichore technique.  While these sessions will undoubtedly have spectacular handstands and back bends galore, the reasons for doing these the way they are done in yoga (as opposed to other disciplines) – with subtlety – is profound subject matter.


October 27 – 29  Kuching, Malaysia 

Doreen Ng has turned Kuching into a real hot spot for Tripsichore yoga and that is something that is not easy to do for it requires a determination and appreciation for the subtlety of breath in the creation of remarkable postures and vinyasa.  Kuching is easy to get to and has some great dining too.  If you are anywhere in the neighbourhood, come and join me because not only is the food good, but there’s also some mighty tasty yoga.

The End...for now